Kath Dickson Workshop

ForestEd is proud to have held its inaugural Toowoomba workshop on August 12 at the Kath Dickson Day Care Centre in Newtown, Toowoomba. We were warmly welcomed by Tracy Holland, from the Kath Dickson Family Centre Toowoomba, and Kate Mason, the Gladstone Street Centre’s director.

Fifteen attendees arrived at 8.30 am Saturday morning and got straight down to work. The morning began with an introduction to Forest School practice, with plenty of focused discussion and collaboration.

Antje listening to a discussion on risk taking
Animated discussion on Inquiry based learning
Gathering ideas on play-based learning and reflective practices
Focused discussion on Indigenous inclusion

But it wasn’t all about the theory of Forest school! We broke the morning’s focused discussion and learning with a practical activity.

Check out the YouTube video below on how to create a clove hitch