Saving the Green in Toowoomba

The Darling Downs Environment Council and the Environmental Defender’s Office with the support of Wilderness Australia and Wildlife Queensland, presented a disturbing, challenging and hopeful discussion on how we are losing our  biodiversity in Queensland, through rampant deforestation; similar in magnitude to the deforestation happening in Brazil.

Peter McQueen, an Australian horticulturalist, addressed a concerned group of over 40 Toowoomba residents, and talked about the importance of saving and maintaining all trees, but in particular, the oldest ones in the Toowoomba area that are so famous for their greenery and beauty.

Judy Gray from  Wildlife Queensland and Gemma Persman from the Wilderness Society spoke of their concerns about the loss of habitat and local fauna, such as the glider and koala population in our region.

A local Law Reform solicitor, Revel Pointon, spoke about how we can be vigilant and proactive by speaking up and contacting our local Council, if and when we see damage being done to heritage trees and our green spaces.

A local group, P.R.O.T.E.C.T. ( Protecting the Region of Toowoomba’s Environment Community and Trees ) has been formed. This group aims to keep watch over Toowoomba’s trees and green spaces.

For more information contact the Darling Downs Environment Council, and Environmental Defender’s Office.