ForestEd Australia

It’s no secret that children are spending less time outdoors and more time in front of a screen. The results are in and research has proven that time spent outdoors in nature, reduces stress, anxiety and increases well-being.

Today, more than ever, parents, educators and care givers are looking for positive ideas and inspiration to get our kids healthy, active, outdoors and learning.

For the first time, Toowoomba has an opportunity to participate in and promote forest learning. Antje and Denis Connolly are proud to bring the Scandinavian Forest School ethos to children of all ages. Not only that, but is has been adapted to suit Australia’s unique climate, heritage, and indigenous culture.

Learning in nature and promoting well-being in the community

Antje recently moved to Toowoomba after living and working in Europe for 11 years. She studied teaching at Deakin University, and worked extensively in Australia before challenging herself by moving overseas to teach at high-level International Schools. Passionate about nature, she qualified as a Forest School Leader in the UK, and determined to bring this knowledge back to Australia. Antje is an active bush walker and a keen permaculture gardener. With her training and background, combined with Toowoomba’s natural beauty, and strong community, it was a perfect fit to start ForestEd Australia.

Bringing Math and IT to All

Denis fell in love with a MacPlus in 1984, and from that time onwards he was hooked on innovation and technology. In between teaching math and IT he spent his time walking, gardening, and reading science fiction. In 2005, seeking new horizons and challenges, Denis and Antje took their young family first to Turkey and later, to London, where the family and his IT skills grew. Denis is the geek in ForestEd and when he is not assisting Antje, he builds servers for fun and profit. He is enjoying discovering Toowoomba’s National forests, parks and gardens.

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